Service Introduction

What is a Promotional Service?

Customers participate in the event by scanning the label attached to the product, The company immediately determines and analyzes the status of the event in progress. This is an integrated service that provides feedback to customers.

Why choose our Promotional Services?

  • Just apply the label, Event starts right away

  • Event hold via unique label!

  • Customized promotion for customers who participated in the event

  • Event Efficacy Check it now

  • Promoting the brand to 6.8 million users worldwide

  • Attract customers with PUSH alarms tailored to your needs

HiddenTag Promotion

Various promotion available via HiddenTag Global app

APP Promotion

  • Insert APP Banner

  • Insert APP Pop-up

  • PUSH Alarm

SCAN Promotion

  • Random Prize Promotion

  • Savings Promotion

  • Roulette Promotion


  • Customer promotion and SNS linkage

  • Register promotion participant information

  • Link to customer
    shopping mall

Promotion Management System

Check the effectiveness of the promotion right away!

Confirm event participation in HiddenTag.We provide a management system for future events management.

- Check real-time scan information

- Check promotion winners

- Push delivery and list management

- Check customer information (age, preference survey, etc.)

- Individual label management for each product

Example of New Brand Launch Promotion

Example of Stamp Accumulation Promotion