Why HiddenTag Logistics Distribution Service?

  • - When you want to correct the distribution order when market prices are collapsing.
  • - When you want to know where the problem occurred among the numerous vendors (distributors).
  • - When it is necessary to manage individual product distribution information.
  • - When a logistics system such as entry/exit management and inventory management is required.
  • - When you need to monitor product sales trends and inventory quantity.
  • - When scan information from the distribution (vendor) company to the end consumer is required.
  • - When you want to use a logistics ERP system at a reasonable price.

Logistics Distribution Management
& Monitoring

Do you know exactly how your products are distributed?

It is very difficult to manage all sales channels both online and offline.

But with HiddenTag…

We provide distribution management services that enable real-time monitoring of all product cycles.

Manage it easily at a glance all product cycles through distribution management services.

Just by scanning the label!!!

Backtracking based on the recognition history of HiddenTag tracking down the distribution path from manufacturer to consumer

  • Real-time check of distribution cycle/excellent sales area/abnormal vendor, etc.

  • Management of selling prices for products and transparent management of stock, shipment, and return between vendors

  • Monitor real-time inventory quantity for each product at a glance

  • Check consumer information who purchased the product

  • Prevention of illegal distribution through national filtering

With the Know-how of HiddenTag...

By matching HiddenTag and barcodes in one label, incoming and outgoing management can be checked on both the web and app

Master Label Production

What if you could maximize management efficiency through labels without scanning multiple times?

  • Check scan history by synchronizing with sub-labels through master label

  • With the master label attached
    to the outer box,
    all labels attached to the products in the box are scanned automatically without the need for scanning.

  • The accumulated scan history of master labels and sub-labels is transparently monitored according to time and location.

HiddenTag for the Consumers

Scan the label to verify authenticity and distribution information Also check products sold through abnormal distribution channels!!