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One Stop Solution for Marketing and Big Data Analytic

· Leverage real-time scan data to open new marketing opportunities with better consumer targeting.
· Benefit from in-app ads at HiddenTag app that is used by global customers in over 150 countries worldwide.
· Measure and analyze consumer response in real-time and get better customer insight.

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Various Promotions via HiddenTag Biz
Creative ways to use HiddenTag labels for Marketing

· Unlike the QR code with black and white checkerbox appearance,
we provide custom designed labels that accurately represent the purpose of promotion.
· Save on marketing cost by conducting online and offline promotion at the same time.

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Event Idea 1 : The more you scan, the more reward you earn.

· Consumers scan the label on the product and participate in the event
· Consumers will be able to participate in the event continuously and be given a different prize according to the participation performance.
· Increase the loyalty and wish participate events further by providing personalized consumption statistics based on their past purchases.
· Maximize your event reach by including the social share buttons

· Improved brand loyalty through intelligent event management and relationship with consumers by providing different rewards based on cumulative participation performance rather than one-time event participation.

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Event Idea 2 : Lucky draw! Offer Random Coupons!

· Provide HiddenTag Event label when purchase is made.
· 20%, 30%, 50 % discount coupons will be displayed on the user's mobile phone right after scanning the event label and entering the unique numbers hidden unders scratch area.

· Offer percentage-based discount coupons , free gift coupons or dollar value discounts via HiddenTag labels to drive revenue and consumer loyalty.

Unique and Customized Design Labels

HiddenTag technology is developed by utilizing the sophisticated digital watermarking technology.
It is possible to embed unique codes in any type of image enabling brands to show brand logo, model image, or other visible identifiers in their labels.

Free HTML5 Responsive Template
Free HTML5 Responsive Template
Free HTML5 Responsive Template
Free HTML5 Responsive Template
Free HTML5 Responsive Template
Free HTML5 Responsive Template
Free HTML5 Responsive Template
Free HTML5 Responsive Template

Measure Brand Performances byAnalyzing Real-Time Consumer Responses

· Measure your marketing performance based on actual sales
· Based on the information collected, it analyzes the purchase trend by period / purchase trend by region- Analyze your consumer purchase trend by period and region based on collected information.
· Plan effective promotions and events based on data driven performance measurements of the previously conducted events!

HiddenTag Biz Sales Performance Measurement Tools

HiddenTag offers various services custom-tailored to clients' specific needs.

Consumer Monitoring

· Consumer activity trend data by period
· Number of consumers by country

Product Monitoring

· Product distribution by period
· Distribution information of various products in selected region
· Detailed product distribution flow in selected region

Sales Activity Monitoring

· Analyze sales activity by region
· - Check detailed sales activity information

Market Monitoring

· Get insight of sales performance of each product
· Track products by suppliers

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HiddenTag BizDistribution Management Tools

Efficiently manage your product distribution with tracking capabilities based on product-specific scan data.

Consumer Monitoring

· Analysis of purchase volume of each consumer
· Analysis of repurchase cycle by consumer

Sales Monitoring

· Sales data by period
· Detailed distribution data of each product
· Analytics of distribution cycle of each product

Vendor Monitoring

· Detect unauthorized distribution channels
· Measure performance of different distribution channels

Market Monitoring

· Analysis of popular distribution areas by country and city
· Monitoring Abnormal Distribution area

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It is the largest number of reference industries in each field.
Hidden tag has been selected as an official certification mark for public institutions and associations.

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